41st Anniversary Book



Xian Sheng Chew Choon Ming
The Disciple of GOD, the Deliverer of All Unclean Spirits


6th August 1936 to 5th June 2000




1. Pray to the CREATOR (TIANGONG or GOD)

2. Fear Nothing except the CREATOR

3. Think Good, See Good, Hear Good, Speak Good and Do Good

4. To understand and practise Sacrifice, Honour, Respect, Patience, Perseverance and Trust

5. To acquire Knowledge and Understanding

6. To follow strictly the BAITIANGONG way of Funeral Prayers

7. To follow strictly the BAITIANGONG Way of Marriage

8. To adhere to a 24-hour obligatory fasting without food and water for all adults once annually

9. To accept the BAITIANGONG guidelines on sexual relationships

10. All other spiritual teachings and interpretation which are consistent with the understanding, acceptance, respect and trust in our Spiritual Leader, XIANSHENG, Chew Choon Ming as truly, Disciple of GOD, Deliverer of All Unclean Spirits

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