The Spiritual Guidelines is perhaps the most important document to all of mankind. In general, all religions have their version of spiritual laws for their adherents so that they know how to live their lives according to the laws and know what is considered sinful in order to avoid them. In some countries, the religious laws like Sharia laws are adopted as the federal laws of the country while in others, the Sharia laws run concurrently and complementing the secular laws. However, Xian Sheng had made it clear that BAITIANGONG Spiritual Guidelines is not spiritual laws for the movement.(1)There are no laws in BAITIANGONG. Transcript Date: 1998-07-26 In the event that BAITIANGONG followers are the majority in a country, the guidelines should not be made into the laws of the country, but can serve as a guide to draft better secular laws.

Are laws effective?

Laws are made by man to ensure than a society with differing ideologies in politics, religion, culture and social norms can live together in harmony. A country has their federal laws, different states in a country have their state level laws, religions have their spiritual laws, associations have their constitutions, businesses have their trade laws and so forth. These laws are created to ensure the harmonious interaction between the members and to ensure that there are no disruptions to the lives of others from the actions of a few.  The laws are mainly effective in their implementation to achieve its intended purpose. However, these laws are not meant to guide the spiritual development of people as laws are only meant as preventative. As long as a person does not realise that their actions have consequences for their soul, they will continue to circumvent the law to get what they desired. Laws are therefore not effective when it comes to spirituality.

Why the BAITIANGONG movement does not have laws?

Everyone can easily understand that if we break the law, we will be punished by the law, i.e. the police will arrest us and the judge will sentence us according to the degree of the crime. What about religious laws then? Under the Old Covenant law, the punishment for adultery was death. (Leviticus 20:10) However, in the New Testament, adultery no longer carries the death penalty. The worst punishment presently for repeated sinners would be public exclusion from the church.(2)Public Exclusion from the Church. In BAITIANGONG, we may not have laws, but Xian Sheng had specifically mentioned that anyone who has not change their old ways is not allowed to join in the movement. Those who are working as mediums, spiritualist or working in temples, loan sharks, prostitutes and pimps are not allowed to join the BAITIANGONG movement. Women who are the second mistress are not allowed to join the movement too. Nevertheless, BAITIANGONG does not have laws to punish them for joining if they are not honest about their occupation. It is left to the Elders and ACCs in the movement to ensure that the Spiritual Guidelines are adhered to at all times and we would ask these people to change their ways before allowing them to join.

This is a transcribe of Xian Sheng’s talk about going against the guidelines.

“But in BAITIANGONG, we have only guidelines. Everything is guidelines. I am not here on rules and regulations. I’m here to give you certain guidelines. All right, if you were to go against these guidelines, still you have to pay for it in death. Even though there are guidelines. You go against it, there is certain guideline which says, you don’t go for prostitution. You go and become a prostitute, then you’ll be in serious trouble in death. If you want to be a prostitute, you can, but you’ll be seriously, you know, it will have serious problems in life after death, if you are a prostitute. But still this is a guideline. It is to tell you, you’ll be in serious trouble, is the thing that you cannot do. You do, you’ll be in serious trouble. That’s all. But they are not laws.”(3)Satanic Verses in the late ‘80s. Transcript Date: NA

Laws are preventative and meant to punish a person here and now on Earth to either rehabilitate them to change their ways or to imprisonment them for a long time to get them off the streets. Breaking the law is not necessarily a sin. Committing a sin is not necessarily breaking the law. But anyone who goes against the guidelines will still have to pay for them in death. Clearly, the guidelines are more important than laws as people will always try to break the laws for material benefits if they are not aware of the consequences to their soul after death. The Spiritual Guidelines teaches, educates and guides them against doing actions that could jeopardise their soul.

This is another transcribe of Xian Sheng’s talk regarding man-made laws.

“And all the way we have all sorts of rules and regulations trying to govern the human beings. In the end, it comes to naught. In the end, it comes to naught, you know. With all the governing regulations and rules, security, everything ah, in the end it comes to naught. You know why, the judgment is not here. It is not here for you to judge. In BAITIANGONG, it is not here for you to judge. In other words, in the end there will come a time when death overtakes a man, succumb to death and death will judge him – whether he is right or wrong.”(4)Satanic Verses in the late ‘80s. Transcript Date: NA

Xian Sheng is implying that rules and regulation or laws are not effective when it comes to guiding the spiritual development of people, as spiritual education is more important to shape a person’s spiritual development than preventative laws. Furthermore, the judgement and punishment is not here and now on Earth, it is after the death of a person. That is why with all the rules and regulations, the majority of people will still end up in hell.

The following transcribe will make it clear to us why Xian Sheng gave us guidelines and not laws.

“And all that Divine Law of Nature, GOD doesn’t bother, as I’ve said many times hah, GOD couldn’t be bother lah with you. We have the Divine Law of Nature drawn out already. There is Heaven, there is Hell. Where there is Heaven, there is Hell, there is the Divine Law of Nature, is already there, GOD couldn’t bother.”(5)Satanic Verses in the late ‘80s. Transcript Date: NA

The Divine Law of Nature is already drawn out and will automatically judge a person upon their death. The Divine Law of Nature is the law of GOD. The Spiritual Guidelines is Xian Sheng’s way to guide us to heaven by avoiding the actions that will contravene the Divine Law of Nature. There is no need for Xian Sheng to create more laws. GOD could not be bothered with man actions as GOD intentionally created man with free will to choose their own path. If they choose to Do Good, the Divine Law of Nature will ensure they go to heaven. If they choose to do evil, the Divine Law of Nature will ensure they go to hell. Man is endowed with the most intelligent mind to make their own choices and therefore, GOD could not be bothered to interject into men’s daily life to assert control over them. The power to correct the world’s problem lies in man’s own hands if they are united and care enough to bother.

Spiritual Guidelines is for everyone in the world

Religious laws are only applicable to the adherents of that religion only and not applicable to others from another religion. The Spiritual Guidelines is special because it does not only apply to BAITIANGONG followers in particular but also to every person in the world regardless of their religion, belief and culture. The Spiritual Guidelines are not laws with specific rules and regulations, as guidelines have wider scope. However, the guidelines also have rules especially the 9th guideline as the sins are specifically listed.

Let’s look briefly at the Spiritual Guidelines that are applicable to everyone in this world.

1. Pray to the CREATOR.

This guideline guides us to pray to the CREATOR only. Humans can only pray to the CREATOR and not to any of GOD’s creation, man-made idols or to any human beings, dead or alive. Sadly, human’s consciousness has parted far away from GOD’s consciousness and they have adopted idolatry, pray to the deceased or even stop believing in GOD. As long as man does not change their ways and pray only to the CREATOR, they will be trapped forever in the Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation.  Xian Sheng mission after his Spiritual Revelations is to teach people the correct way to pray to the CREATOR. However, it needed to be mentioned that a person who does not pray to the CREATOR does not commit a sin as this is a guideline to guide people to pray to the CREATOR to save their own soul and not a rule. GOD never asked us to pray to GOD(6)GOD never ask us to pray to HIM. Tape No.: 53A-1996, only Xian Sheng teaches us to pray to the CREATOR, similar to the mission of Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad. A person can only leave the Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation if they pray to the CREATOR with their mind, body and soul.

2. Fear Nothing Except the CREATOR and Think good, See good, Hear good, Speak good and Do good.

The difference between animals and man is that animals do not have free will and therefore not subjected to the temptations of evil consciousness. The temptation for power, for wealth by illegal means and even sexual lust originates with thinking, seeing and hearing about it. However, if a person resists speaking or doing the temptation, it will slowly subside and no longer be a temptation. But if a person succumbs to temptation, that person will then speak bad and do bad to fulfil the temptation. Fear of being arrested by the law is a good way to prevent a person from indulging in their temptations, but like the popular proverb states – where there is a will, there is a way. Fear nothing except the CREATOR guides us to understand that the consequences of our actions will be punishment in hell that the CREATOR created for those who do not love GOD. If a person learns to love GOD, they will naturally avoid the temptations of evil consciousness and will do their best to Think Good, See Good, Hear Good, Speak Good and Do Good. These two Spiritual Guidelines are applicable to everyone too.

3. To understand and practice: Sacrifice, Honour, Respect, Patience, Perseverance and Trust.

This Spiritual Guideline is just plain common sense that any person should be practising in the first place. Sacrifice in the Spiritual Guidelines do not refer to food and drink sacrifice made to GOD as GOD created everything and all and more than that and does not require any form of sacrifices from us. GOD does not even require us to sacrifice our lives to defend GOD. Anyone who belittles or curse GOD will receive his or her due after death. Sacrifice refers to the hardship we endure to keep praying to the CREATOR despite any obstacles to deter us from praying. It also refers to the selfless actions of a person to help others at great expense to themselves.  If everyone in the world can practise this Spiritual Guideline, the world would be a paradise on Earth.

4. To acquire Knowledge and Understanding.

This seems to be a simple and common sense guideline. However, we can see that knowledge can be a double-edged sword. Atheists are using the knowledge of science to disapprove of the existence of the CREATOR instead of using science to marvel at the complexities of creation made by GOD to enable them to live in a harsh universe. They capitalise on theories like the Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution to convince others that GOD is not needed, as science is the solution to everything in life. While science does make life more comfortable for man, manipulating science in a way to try to prove GOD does not exist will cause man not to think or bother about the existence of GOD. If we do not bother to ponder over the existence of GOD by researching into various phenomena like Near-Death Experience, the soul, reincarnation studies and other paranormal activities, we will not be able to pray to the CREATOR and escape from the Vicious Cycle of Reincarnation. With regards to the various existing religions, people must also search for the truth as to whether there is only one GOD or multiple gods. We must have knowledge of what we are praying too as blindly following others to pray will not guarantee we can get salvation. This Spiritual Guideline serves to remind everyone to keep an open mind and to keep searching for the truth of GOD’s existence.

5. To accept the BAITIANGONG guidelines on sexual relationships.

Sexual relationships are a very complex issue in the modern society as various parties have different views as to what is right and what is wrong. The simple fact is that GOD intended for male and female to have sexual relationships so that the souls that have completed their punishment in hell can be reincarnated back to the world to undergo another examination in life. People generally know what is right and wrong when it comes to sexual crimes as every country has erected laws that are quite similar to each other to combat sexual crimes. Prostitution, adultery, incest, bestiality are generally looked down upon as unhealthy and immoral sexual activities, but may not be illegal from the point of the law. The argument about homosexuality is an on-going battle between the religious minded and the human rights group due to the unnatural sex involved. Sexual relationships are not reasons for great concern in the world, but for anyone who believes that GOD does have laws relating to sexual relationship or anyone who wants a policy that can ensure the best society can adopt the Spiritual Guidelines as provided by Xian Sheng. The details are found in the relevant chapter in this book and we believe that if the governments of the world adopt the Spiritual Guidelines, we would be living in a more harmonious society.

The BAITIANGONG way of Obsequies, Marriage and 24-hour fasting are mainly for the BAITIANGONG brothers and sisters. It is not directly applicable to everyone, but the BAITIANGONG way of conducting obsequies and marriage can remind everyone that we should not overindulge, over spend, be obsessed with or perform unnecessary ceremonies and rituals that are laced with superstitions and taboo. Fasting has a lot of advantages to us in terms of spirituality and health and if everyone practise fasting occasionally, regardless of the method employed, the overall result would be a more spiritual and healthy society.

Spiritual Guidelines for BAITIANGONG followers

Understanding the Spiritual Guidelines is of utmost importance to all BAITIANGONG brothers and sisters especially the first guideline, pray to the CREATOR. Xian Sheng had said many times that we can fool around with many things in life, even with Xian Sheng himself, but we must never fool around with GOD. If we have accepted BAITIANGONG, we cannot for whatever reasons, whether due to external pressure or hardship, decides to change to another religion. For example, if the parent threatens a BAITIANGONG follower to give up either BAITIANGONG or his or her inheritance, he or she has to sacrifice the inheritance over BAITIANGONG. Similarly, if the follower had a string of bad lucks in business or personal life, he or she cannot decide to go to medium or Fung Shui master to seek spiritual advice and subsequently change religion to improve his or her luck. Doing so tantamount to committing an unforgivable sin, which is one that even Xian Sheng cannot forgive. This is very serious as the above mentioned pressure or hardship may be their examination in life and by abandoning BAITANGONG, they have not only failed their examination, but they have committed an unforgivable sin as praying to the CREATOR is only once in a lifetime. There are no second or third chances.

BAITIANGONG follower have to learn all the Spiritual Guidelines by heart so that we know the limitations of our freedom, as it clearly outlines things in life that we have to do and what we should avoid doing. To leave the Vicious cycle of Reincarnation, we must pray to the CREATOR with our mind, body and soul. There are no two ways about it despite all the freedom GOD has given to us. However, as we are constantly under examination until the day of our death, we have ample opportunity to try to change. Even if we have reluctantly committed some type of sin, we still have the time and opportunity to redeem our actions. This is the beauty the Spiritual Guidelines as it affords us the opportunity to change to redeem and atone for our sins while we are still alive. However, we must never make the mistake of thinking that we have all the time in the world to change as death may come knocking at our door at any time.

Xian Sheng’s Quotation

“Place your full trust and faith in me and follow all the Spiritual Guidelines as your way of life.”

“I am here to give you the guidelines; I am not the law giver. But in BAITIANGONG we have only guidelines. Everything is guidelines. I am not here on rules and regulations. I am here to give you certain guidelines. If you were to go against the guidelines, still you have to pay for it in death. Even though these are guidelines.”

“Even in your dream you could be tempted to go against or deviate from the Spiritual Guidelines. You must make concerted effort to understand the Spiritual Guidelines and place your full trust in Xian Sheng.”

“You must sincerely and faithfully follow all the Spiritual Guidelines to guide you in life; otherwise you would not be able to resist temptations to sin because man has already deviated from the once pure and holy life.”

“There are GOD’s consciousness imposed upon Xian Sheng and in turn imposed on us the consciousness of GOD. If you doubt me or the Spiritual Guidelines even 1%, don’t commit yourself yet. I will not accept you. You can never fully understand me; you have to accept me for what I am.”

“To-day I have laid down the Spiritual Guidelines for you to pray to the CREATOR in order to save your soul. Do not stray away from the guidelines.”

“Prepare yourself against all these tests, place your full trust and faith in me and follow all my teachings. There is no guarantee in you going to heaven if you do not pray to GOD with your mind body and soul. Pray to GOD is very simple as you only spend a few minutes a day, but your examination in life is very difficult because you will face much type of tests.  So follow the Spiritual Guidelines as your way of life.”



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