This year’s Anniversary Booklet brings us back to the fundamentals of Xian Sheng’s teachings. The 10 Spiritual Guidelines provide us with a path to follow, to guide us in our examination in life to save our soul in order to go to heaven.

The Five Realisations and 10 Spiritual Guidelines in this year’s Anniversary Booklet were given by Xian Sheng to our brothers and sisters in Singapore. They were included in the BAITIANGONG Universal Spiritual Movement Singapore Constitution as a Statement of Faith to register with the Singapore Registrar of Societies on 1st June 1997.

We must be mindful to understand Xian Sheng’s teachings to the best of our abilities and not misinterpret the meanings. More importantly, we should not amend the Spiritual Guidelines to convenience ourselves.

The members of the Book Editorial Committee are Chan Kam Khuen, Chan Gam Fai, Chan Yin Han (Yen Ling), Chan Saw Wan, Caryn Cheong Shuh Kheng, Choong Wai Yap, Choy Kay Pui, Ko Chwee Kum, Lim Siew Hue, Lim Siew Hong, Melinda Wong Mei Lin, Ng Mor Ti, Phoon Yiow Sun, Phuah Kim Yean, Too Siew Boey and Too Hing Yeap.

We would like to give special thanks to the following brothers and sisters: Cecelia Leong Chooi Chan, Gigi Wong, Lai Xin Yong, Regina Chen ZhiRong, Wong Chew Peng, Wong Soon Ling and Yum Shirley for their help to translate and proofread. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the discussions to ensure accuracy of our interpretation of Xian Sheng’s speeches.

Due to the extensive amount of speeches and sermons given by Xian Sheng over the years, we were only able to compile few that we think are the most suitable, at the time of publication. The Chinese and English versions are not direct transcripts of Xian Sheng’s spoken words. They have been edited to make it easier for the reader to understand his sentence.  As such, we may inadvertently introduce our own interpretation that may not reflect Xian Sheng’s actual words. We also engaged the assistance of many brothers and sisters to assist us in preparing this Anniversary Booklet. As a result, this Booklet reflects the many writing styles and interpretations of the authors. Although we held many discussions to identify and correct any misinterpretations and grammatical errors, some disagreements are inevitable. As such, we welcome any constructive comments, feedback and suggestions.



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