Statement of Faith

The following is a statement of faith composing of the Five Realisations and Spiritual Guidelines of the BAITIANGONG Universal Spiritual Movement that it serves to propagate:

The Five Realisations

  1. Realisation of Consciousness.
  2. Realisation of Self.
  3. Realisation of the Soul.
  4. Realisation of Heaven and Hell.
  5. Realisation of the CREATOR (TIANGONG or GOD).

Spiritual Guidelines

  1. Pray to the CREATOR (TIANGONG or GOD).
  2. Fear Nothing except the CREATOR.
  3. Think Good, See Good, Hear Good, Speak Good and Do Good.
  4. To understand and practise Sacrifice, Honour, Respect, Patience, Perseverance and Trust.
  5. To acquire Knowledge and Understanding.
  6. To follow strictly the BAITIANGONG Way of Funeral Prayers.
  7. To follow strictly the BAITIANGONG Way of Marriage.
  8. To adhere to a twenty-four hour obligatory fasting without food and water for all adults once annually.
  9. To accept the BAITIANGONG Guidelines on sexual relationships.
  10. All other Spiritual Teachings and Interpretation which are consistent with the understanding, acceptance, respect and trust in our Spiritual Leader, XIANSHENG, Chew Choon Ming as truly, Disciple of GOD, Deliverer of all unclean spirits.

The ten Spiritual Guidelines is first recorded in the constitution application to the ROS Malaysia in 1982 and duly signed by Xian Sheng who stressed  that they cannot be changed in the event of his death. It was revised in the constitution application to ROS Singapore in 1997. The changes are duly verified and approved by Xian Sheng. Major change are to 10th guideline – the role of the ‘Spiritual Leader’, the name of ‘Chew Choon Ming’ and correction to ‘Disciple of GOD, Deliverer of all Unclean Spirits’. The addition of the role and name implied endorsement of the guidelines and that no future addition, removal, update or paraphasing is allowed to the ten Spiritual Guidelines.

Spiritual Guidelines 1982. Page 1
Opposite Page. Page 2 with Xian Sheng’s signature



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